UiPath Training


What will you acquire from this course?

Upon completion of both classroom and Online Robotics Process Automation Training, aspirants will acquire both practical and theoretical knowledge as per current IT Industry.

  • Acquires skills in basic concepts – Introduction to UI Automation
  • Leverages skills in Passing Data Inside a workflow
  • Acquires knowledge in branching a workflow
  • Basic level skills in Desktop Automation
  • Debug workflow
  • Enhances skills in UI automation and Data Inputs
  • Reusing automation that invokes workflow and templates
  • Web Automation that imports CSV to Salesforce

Meet our Software Robotics Technical Experts to have Digital Workforce by Robotics Certification Training Program

Blue Prism:


Audience will acquire knowledge in business operations to be cost effective and responsive through the rapid automation to improve accuracy by creating a virtual workforce. Online Robotics BluePrism Training helps the audience to leverage skills in back office administrative processes to reduce the cost of the tasks to be done.

Automation Anywhere:


Aspirants will acquire knowledge to help the organizations to achieve process consistency across the team or else by automating and managing workflows in an efficient way. Online Robotics Automation Anywhere Training helps the audience to gain skills to automate in virtual manner to solve complex IT business problems.

Open Span:


The audience will leverage skills in desktop automation technologies which are mainly focused on driving revenue growth, operational efficiency and customer lifetime growth. Online Robotics OpenSpan Training Our Technical Experts leverages skills in automation of work that creates efficiencies and boosts Organizational revenues.